Remember someone with a butterfly…

Whilst on my recent break I was lucky enough to take some paints with me. Let’s face it I really never get to paint anymore so it was awesome.

Sadly both Ed and I no longer have our parents in our lives and we totally appreciate and miss them dearly each and every day. These four wonderful people shaped us into who we are and I so wish they could see what we have created so far. (Ed’s Mum being the only person who has been part of it).

It was such a lovely morning painting up these butterflies and thinking of them whilst doing so

Art is definitely therapeutic no matter what style or medium you choose.

I just found it nice to be able to think of each family member whilst painting their favourite colour.

(I couldn’t really remember my dads colour but he had this dark green car when I was little and mum needed extra shimmer as she loved anything glitter!)

This got me thinking that there are probably other people who would like to take some time out and remember someone special too.

For a limited time, we are offering this as a free experience to our customers.

To book a seat just click on the link below. 

The terms and conditions for this experience are as follows:

  • Only one butterfly per person.
  • Extra butterflies can be purchased for a flat fee of $5 including glaze and firing fees.
  • Other items are subjected to our normal rates plus the glaze and firing fee.
  • Not valid during school holidays
  • You must book through the link on this page.

Here’s cheers to all our loved ones no longer with us.


(Ps the big orange one is a whole other story)