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School Holiday Fans of Bluey

School Holiday Fans of Bluey

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Whack-a-doo! We have plans for the fans of the cartoon, Bluey. For young pups, we have a morning of party painting from 10am, and big pups, we have a calm and create session from 2pm. Following the themes of the show, the older children will be given a mindfulness activity and get to create positivity pebbles for those moments that bring in the big feelings and they feel that they may lose their big dog bark.

Sign your child up for a 2 hour session where they will paint either a mug or a plate with techniques following the theme of the day. Supervised by qualified staff, after signing them into the class, you are able to return at the end or take advantage of the peaceful painting time for yourself.

$40 per child (inc mug/plate, tutorial, games and fun)